by Michael Merrett
The exciting sequel to the 1951 Classic Sci-fi film

"The Day the Earth Stood Still"

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It has been fifty years since he first visited Earth
and delivered his dire warning that we end our aggressive
ways or there would be terrible consequences. We stubbornly
chose not to heed his warning. Now he has come back.
Only this time, he is not alone!

"Pure Entertainment from beginning to end!"-MMA Review

Inspired by the screenplay to "The Day the Earth Stood Still", this novel chronicles
the exploits of Klaatu and his robot companion Gort as they return to Earth in an effort
to save humanity from self-destructing. Aided by some unusual and sometimes amusing
Earthly accomplices, Klaatu desperately attempts to convince the inhabitants of Earth
that they can no longer continue to pursue an aggressive path. The survival of Earth's
inhabitants is at stake and he must convince them of the dire urgency of their situation.

"I couldn't put it down!"-Jim Evans of Utica, NY
"Nicely done! What a fun read!"- Bill Sotherby of Salem, Oregon
"You have a very unique style, outstanding effort"- John Gillotte, Tewksbury, MA
"The Day the Earth Stood Still is a tough act to follow but this author
has crafted a first rate sequel in Klaatu's Return."-Sean Drew, Haverhill, MA
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