"Slipping Into Darkness"

"For anyone dealing with vision loss, and those who love them"
by Michael Merrett

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Slipping Into Darkness

> Slipping Into Darkness

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"Great First Effort"-MMA Review
"Simply saying your story (Slipping Into Darkness) impacted me greatly would be an
incredible understatement."
-Joe Dalessio - Erie, PA

While most people dream of hitting the lottery or fame and fortune, those who suffer from vision loss dream about being able to drive a car again. They struggle to remember the fading images of the smiles on the faces of their loved ones.
Read an extraordinarily touching and poignant account of the life of someone who, by no fault of his own, was forced to endure loss after loss as he continued to slip slowly but steadily into a dark abyss.
From his effort to enter the United States military in an unsuccessful attempt to pursue a career in journalism to his ongoing battle to hold on to his career as an insurance professional, the author gives the reader a gut-wrenching look into the lives of his five brothers as the lights continue to go out in their world. In his uniquely whimsical and witty way, the author invites you to hop on board this rollercoaster ride of a story. Open your eyes to a truly revealing account of the complex psychology involved when a person leaves the comfortable confines of the sighted world and is forced to enter the murky, uncertain realm of the visually impaired. You will find it both moving and at times humorous, but you will not be able to walk away without a deep sense of understanding and appreciation for the little things we all take for granted.

"A truly interesting book about life"-Ed Filistowicz, Boston, MA
"Truly a must read"- Laureen Jones, Everett, MA
"I laughed, I cried, what a moving story!"-Jean Fallon, Sacramento, CA

Part of proceeds benefit The Foundation Fighting Blindness
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